The conditions created by COVID-19 are utterly unique and require all of us to be even more mindful and respectful of each other’s wellbeing.

As always, at SANTORINI SOUL villas we are undeniably committed to the safety, health and comfort of our guests and staff.

In accordance with the latest guidance form the World Health Organization as well as the Greek health authorities, we have modified our operational procedures to ensure our collective wellbeing.

Surpassing the rudimentary guidelines by elevating the standards even higher, we have developed supplementary protocols for our hotels and are implementing increased awareness of our protection measures, so that our guests holiday continues to be a unique experience that inspires both confidence and ease.

In this section you can see our most important actions and initiatives.

GUESTS & villas

– Special signs in the entrance of the Villas  confirming the in-depth cleaning and comprehensive disinfecting of the space, (including the air conditioning’s system unit).
– Provision of antiseptics and single-use masks.
– Full information regarding our hygiene protocols are available via emails and in digital formats.


– Mandatory certification of good health required from all staff members, and adherence to personal hygiene protocols.
– Mandatory use of face masks by all staff members.


– Cleaning and disinfecting of the jacuzzi after every check-out as per specific hygiene protocols.
– Water pool sanitation after any check-out is mandatory.


The hotel has an action plan to manage any possible or confirmed cases among guests or staff.
Hotel has a specialized doctor on call and collaborates with a medical centre and ambulance service for the testing, isolation and transportation of possible cases.
Room availability for immediate isolation of possible COVID-19 cases, for individuals and their fellow travellers.

For specific information regarding bookings and any changes or cancellations to your reservation, please contact us on or by telephone at +30 698 971 77870.